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Opinion: The 2 Most Powerful godfathers In Nigeria Politics.

Godfatherism in Nigeria politics has become like one of its features. We've witnessed a lot of situations where candidates are sponsored by their godfathers who in turn control and manipulate them when they get into their aspiring offices.

Today, I am going to show you some of the most powerful godfathers in Nigeria politics (opinion). Below is a short-list of such persons. 

1. Ahmed Bola Tinubu

It's quite impossible to talk about recent political activities in Nigeria without mentioning Tinubu. He is so powerful to an extent that even candidates of other parties seek his assistance and advice on political related issues. He is a master chess player in Nigeria politics and he has godfathered many successful politicians in different parts of Nigeria.

2. Olusegun Obasanjo 

I know it's quite impossible to convince most of you guys that Obasanjo has sponsored many political candidates, though the latter negotiation between the two involved parties after the election is still not disclosed. People go to Obasanjo for support because he's one of the most suitable people to help because of all the properties, achievements and influence he has under his arsenal.

NB: This article is entirely based on my opinion and it's hence not backed by any external source. 

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