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Why Ojukwu may influence Anambra's November governorship election result even though he is dead.

No wonder the Bible says that a good name is better than silver and gold. While few people live to be remembered, many people live to be forgotten after death, often without even realizing it. Politicians are the most known people and remembered people when they live by sacrifice.

In Nigeria, there are few people who are remembered today for good reasons after they are no more, and some are also remembered for their wickedness to humanity after life. People like Chief Chukwemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu of Nnewi are remembered in Anambra politics today. You can't clean up his pedigree and contributions to the love he has for his Igbo people in Nigeria. He once said that he was first an Igbo man before becoming a Nigerian, prompting why he sacrificed all his wealth, life and time fighting for the Igbo cause in Nigeria. A man who fought in a civil war for the Igbos with everything he had is not joking. He later contested for the president of Nigeria, under APGA.

All these actions were to protect the interests of the Igbos. In Anambra politics, when he was alive, he determined who would become the governor. He did it for Mr. Peter Obi. After Peter Obi's regime, Obi crowned Obiano the next Governor of Anambra, declaring that it was Ikemba's wishes. Anambra people voted for Obiano without knowing who he was and what he could offer, but only because it was Ojukwu's mandate.

Now that the November election is at hand, observers are of the opinion that Soludo may be the anointed candidate. only because he is from Ojukwu's background party. Anambra may not vote for Soludo because he was a former CBN governor, but because he's from Ojukwu's former party. History and selfless service are more powerful than silver and gold. It's important that we live a life that is worth celebrating when we are alive. Ikemba is an Igbo heritage person, whether dead or alive. What he did for the Igbos, no one has done so, and it's not clear whether anyone can clean up his pedigree.

What do you think will be the result of the Anambra governorship election? Don't you think that Ikemba's background would carry the day, or do you think that events have changed his written background? Kindly send me your comments below the box. Share and like this page. Follow us for updates.


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