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I lost N100,000 to a scammer in Lagos because of dollar [Fiction]

This is a fictional story but it will teach you some lessons and enlighten you.

I was incredible yet it happened to me in broad daylight. I have heard and I've seen but I never believe that it can happen to me l. As a young school leader, I'm proud to say that I'm exposed to a certain level worthy of pride among my mates. I also live in the heart of Mushin in Lagos.

It is a fact that I am no longer a novice, who could be taken for a ride because I see my self as an enlightened fellow.

It was on a fateful Saturday. The morning came early, as usual, the sun was out as early as 10 O'clock. The hustle and bustle of Lagos were at its peak. Shop owners beckoning on potential buyers, hawkers are already on the streets.

I was on my way to see one of my friends when the unexpected happened to me. A young in his teen approach me, he looks troubled and ruffled. I listen to his story. He was from one of our neighbouring countries and he lost the address of his destination but he remembered the area as he narrated to me and he stated that many Lagosians have turned down pleas for help.

I wanted to break the jinx that Lagosians don't help. I have heard the area he mentioned, and I thought by the time we go from the first house to the last house, we would locate the house. After three hours of searching, I gave up the chances of getting the address.

"My friend I have some dollars with me that's what's bothering me" He retorted. I developed an instant interest in him. I wanted to shield him from the con men of Lagos who will take advantage of his predicament. He suggested a hotel along the airport road where he can lodge for the night.

At the Donramsco's hotel, he collected a key to one room and followed him upstairs. He sat on the bed, and his briefcase, behold thousands of dollars were arranged in rows. He then told me that somebody taught him the act of making dollars.

He told me that he only needs one chemical worth N100,000 and I would be a millionaire if I could get the money for him. I went home in amuse and I took some of my parent's belongings and auction it to raised N100,000 meant for the purchase of the all-important chemical. Alas! I got a buyer and I collected the money and went straight to the hotel and he collected the money and told me to come back the next day.

The next day, I came as early as 8 O'clock in the morning, the hotel room was opened, nobody was able to say anything about the young man whereabout and my N100,000 was gone.

Please beware of fraudsters, don't fall into their traps. Please share this article with others and drop your comments below

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