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Laws in North Korea that will blow your mind.

Do you wish to travel for a tour? Then this country is an exception because their laws are unbearable, strict and brutal.

In this article, I will explain the laws of this country called North Korea.

1. 3rd generation punishment: How will you feel if your children are being punished for a crime you committed? In North Korea, if you are found guilty of a crime, the judgement that will be passed on you will not only affect you but will also affect your 3rd generation unborn.

2. International calls are forbidden: In North Korea, making international calls are forbidden in this country. A man was killed when he was caught making international calls.

3. Blasphemy: In North Korea, the family of the president is to be respected. Any insult on him or anything that portrays him will lead to a death penalty. A woman was sentence to death because she saved her child in a fire outbreak instead of saving the picture of the president.

4. Late coming: Late coming is highly prohibited in North Korea. Whenever you have a meeting with the president, you are not expected to be late. A man was killed using a bombing machine all because he came late during a meeting with the president. The execution was made before the meeting started.

5. Don't get drunk: In North Korea, drinking of alcohol is prohibited. If you are caught drinking alcohol, you will be sentence to death instantly.

So what do you think about these laws?

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