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"If Traditional Worshippers Intervenes, Bandits will Flee" - Says The Olu Isese Of Ogun State

The issue of insecurity in Nigeria is now becoming too unbearable that many groups are now reacting to the issue. Some proved solutions while some blame the government for not doing anything about it.

Although, the government in collaboration with the security agencies in the country have been trying to devise a long lasting mean of eradicating this problem entirely from the country.

The Olu isese of Ogun state, Dr Ifarotimi Adifagbola, who as a citizen of the country is also as perturbed with this issue as anyone else, has suggested that since the medium of threats and western religion have been used but was not successful in addressing the issue, he said that the government should resort to using traditional means. By thus he meant spiritual means.

The Olu Isese claimed that we have powerful traditional deities that when they consulted will do something immediately about the issue. He beckoned on the government to give traditional worshippers the opportunity to do something and he promised that the perpetrators will flee.

This Olu might be right, because evil people do not listen to compassionate language until when something spiritual is involved they will respond positively immediately.

What is your opinion about this, do you think that the government should give a try to this suggestion, comment below.

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