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The Most Powerful Symbol Own By Only Men And By Women Of High Reputation In Igboland

In many Igbo communities, the Igbo people mostly believed in their personal Chi (god) who leads and direct them on their daily life struggles.

The Igbos generally believed in one God known as Chukwu (Great Spirit), with other deities (Alusi) that are signed into different factions to guides every human activities on earth. Some of the deities includes; Ala, Amadioha, Chi, Anyanwu, Agwu, Ikenga, Ekwensu and so many others.

In this article, I will write about Ikenga which is the Most powerful symbol owned by most Igbo men or women that has good reputation and integrity in society.

Ikenga is a honoured Igbo deity (Alusi), which literally means “place of strength”. This particular deity as stated in above isn't owned or maintained by anybody in Igboland because, it comprises of so many Igbo gods which includes Chi (personal god), his Ndichie (ancestors), ike (power) et al.

Ikenga posed with so many power as it comprises of many other deities. It has only one hand (right), due to the general belief that the power of every man have to accomplish achievement, success, and victory in all his endeavor lies in the right hand.

Due to the powerful mighty of Ikenga, no single person has power to bringing Ikenga into his home without passing consecration in front of kinsmen or agemate before usage.

However, the consecration process requires some sacrifices depending on the financial standard of the person that want to own the Ikenga before usage, but there are some must offerings to sacrifice which includes yam, cock, wine, kolanuts and alligator pepper that'll be presented infront.

Afterwards, the Ikenga will now be fully belong to the owner. In order to achieve success after the initial consecration, the owner will start feeding the Ikenga with Kola and wine on a daily basis.

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