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Fulfilled Mother - Meet the Woman that Gave Birth to Former President Goodluck Jonathan

Either way, Goodluck Jonathan was a fine guy. Not everyone rises to become a country's president, and his name will always remain in Nigeria 's history as one of Nigeria's ever-present leaders. But whatever scandals his presidency pursued, we'll always remember him as a leader.

He was a true gentleman, a faithful Christian, and a caring friend. And whoever bore him must surely be a fulfilled mother.

Many make him the luckiest man ever entered Aso Rock, given the circumstances that led to his emergence as president. I still wonder if his name "Goodluck" has something to do with life's fortunes. And some people say it did.

So much as everyone knows Goodluck Jonathan, not everyone knows the woman who gave birth to this fine gentleman. And you might picture the woman thinking a son becoming the country's number one resident. Yeah, it's no small feat.

And who exactly is this gentleman's birth woman? Her name is Mrs. Eunice Aye Jonathan, a Bayelsa State Local Government Area native of Otuoke community.

As many people would love to believe, Mrs. Eunice wasn't always a fortunate woman with babies. In former President "Wind of Hope" 's authorized biography, his mother shed some light on her life and also described in detail the circumstances surrounding Goodluck Jonathan 's birth.

She had her own misfortune dose. Here's a woman who had 10 live births, but only 2 survived, Goodluck Jonathan and his sister. But she still trusted in God.

She became a Christian in 1976 and it's recorded that from the year she became a Christian, Mrs. Eunice swept the Anglican Church in Otuoke for 30 years, except on days she was ill. Maybe that's why God decided to honor her with a son who later grew up to become her pride.

You may wonder if something unusual happened in her Otuoke community when Goodluck Jonathan was born. Her mother said nothing suspicious happened. It was just a ordinary day, and Otuoke's people went their regular activities without any question.

But maybe the only change was that she normally had prolonged labor during childbirth, sometimes for up to a week, which explained why she mostly still had births. But according to her, when it was Goodluck Jonathan 's turn, she gave him the same day the labor pains began.

She added in the biography that only God knows why He created Jonathan as a unique and exceptional child. As a kid, he never grumbled while on errand. And while he was on school holidays, he would support her on the farm, and also accompanied his father to cut palms and carve canoe.

I know you 'd be curious if there was something special about his name "Goodluck."

Well, she said what happened was that when he was born, life was hard for her, but she named him "Goodluck" because she believed the boy would grow up to bring her good luck. And his paternal grandmother said he'll shake the world when the boy grows up.

And where far from the truth? They weren't. Because Goodluck Jonathan grew up to bring her good luck, and he shook the world as his grandmother said.

I learned something from this woman's life and story. And that's, as parents, we need only make positive statements for our children.

And while Eunice Jonathan had no formal schooling, she nevertheless firmly believed in her children's education. She said all she wanted was not to be analphabets like her, but to be able to sing Christian songs from the hymn books and read the Bible for her.

And God saw her heart 's desires and decided to bless her with a son who would go and fulfill her dreams and more.

Yes, I applaud this woman because raising a great man requires many things. She's a happy kid.

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