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Opinion: Older Political Elites And The Challenge Of Younger People Taking Over

The Nigerian political space is still saturated with older elites and that does not look like it's changing anytime soon. There have been clamours for young people to take over the political space, but the older generation is still dominating not because they are stopping them (young people) but because they still get support from the younger generation of voters. The older political elites in Nigeria can never allow the younger generation of politicians to rule, as long as they keep getting support from young Nigerians.

The older elites have on so many occasions thrown their support behind the 'Not Too Young To Rule' campaign, but then when election season comes, you will still see so many younger Nigerians castigating younger politicians, and refusing to vote for them.

Nigerians have been clamouring for the need of young and vibrant leaders, yet they are not working towards it. Also, age should not be a criteria for choosing a good leader, because there is no guarantee that, the younger politician would make a better leader, besides nobody can stop or ban the older political elites from contesting, it is only left for the younger generation of voters to choose what's best for their future.

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