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Opinion: Zoning Presidency To The South/North Is Useless If The Candidate Chosen Is Not Good Enough

It seems Nigerians have forgotten the main thing that should form the basis of their political vision and dream. One of the biggest desires of citizens in a country is to have a great leader who will oversee the affairs of the nation under him and cater for the basic needs of Citizens but it looks like Nigerians have forgotten this and they aren't considering it as a cogent point as they prepare for the year 2023 presidential election.

The trend amongst politicians and some citizens these days is about the next zone to President the next candidate who will mount the presidential sit in 2023. There have been various arguments and disagreements on the next zone to present the next president. The North claimed they have the right to bring the next candidate while the south is also demanding for the big sit. The discussion continues but to me, it is unreasonable and useless if the people continue to seek a zonal choice instead of a good choice.

Sadly, Nigerians have allowed difference amongst themselves and that is the reason why zoning has become a big discussion. Instead of focusing on a good leader, the people are more focused on which region should present the next leader. It is worthy of note that a Zone won't determine the growth of Nigeria if the candidate chosen is not a competent individual.

The focus should be on the right leader for the people not on the zone to present the leader. Every Nigerian should be ready to accept a good leader from any of the zones and there should be no differences in the choice of leadership. When a leader is chosen, it is believed that the choice is a collective outcome of the people's interest. The people's choice will determine the leader and any candidate that wants to become a leader must have a great vision for the people.

If a zone presents a bad candidate there is a very high probability that the people will regret their choice. It is better we chose the right persons as leaders rather than making unnecessary demands based on the tribe or the region they come from. We should stop the issue of zoning for now and look out for a leader who will repair the damages that have affected the lives and hope of many Nigerians.

Differences shouldn't be allowed, we need to connect with ourselves as a people, doing this will help us in enjoying a successful and lasting administration under a good leader.

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