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Open Letter To All Southerners Still Supporting Igboho's Agitation After The Food Blockade Crisis

Dear Southerners;

The present ugly situation of things in the whole of Yoruba land now can traced to the root source of the support you all gave to Sunday Igboho.

His agitation which seem to have brought about a form of ethnic war between the Northerners and the Southerners, has contributed more to the high level of crisis that we are already experiencing in the country.

Recall that Sunday Igboho's agitation which started off with him evicting the fulani herdsmen residing in Oyo State, scaled up to the extent that it led to the ugly incident which happened at "Shasa" market in Ibadan. This very agitation was what also brought about the food blockade from the north to the south which took place recently, although it has now been resolved according to reports.

However, this very submission is to draw your attention towards where this very support which you southerners have pledged for Igboho's agitation, could be leading to. We all knew that the reason why this food blockade took place was because of how the fulani farmers and herdsmen were treated in South West.

Pending on this very development, I believe it's time for you all to withdraw your support for this very agitation so as to avert this very ugly incident from repeating itself and discuss how to end it permanently.

An open letter from an Igbo man to all southerners who are still supporting Igboho's agitation after the food blockade crisis.

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