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Opinion:4 Reasons Why Northern Groups Say They Will Not Accept or Trust Southern President In 2023

CNG spokesman, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman (Photo Credit: Leadership)

As the country draws closer to 2023, the political permutations ahead of the general polls are getting really interesting. The drama and intrigues are playing out gradually, just as the different political bloc are doing their best to fiercely protect their interest.

Yet, there are indications that the real action is just about to start and things are bound to get more explosive in the coming months.

So, while the nation is still gripped with the issue of Igbo Presidency; to be or not to be, now some very influential socio-political groups in the North are raising their voice against the rotation system. They are resisting the idea floated by the Southern Governors’ Forum, to have a southerner become President in 2023.

CNG Leadership during a recent Press conference (Photo Credit: Saharareporters)

They have conveniently ignored the fact it was the same rotational concept that smoothen the way for the emergence of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015. Now, they want to scuttle the process; when it is the turn of the South to benefit.

They have given several reasons why according to them, they cannot trust a Southern President. In this article I will list four of them.

The North Would Not Accept the Imposition Of Any Candidate On The Region.

It is amazing that several influential Northern groups have come out to oppose the idea of a southern President in 2023. One of the groups, the Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) says the reason why it will not accept the idea is that it amounts to imposition.

SGF (Photo Credit: Punch)

That means the south is trying to force its candidate on them. They have said such concept is not acceptable to the North.

The North Would Not Be Blackmailed to Yield An Elective Position

Another Northern group that reject the idea is the Northern Elders Forum (NEF). According to them, they will not be blackmailed to yield and elective position to the South. They actually used the word “yield” as if it was like a property, they have an exclusive right to, and then the South will have to come and beg to use it for a while.

NEF Director of Publicity and Advocacy, Dr Hakeem Baba-Ahmed (Photo Credit: Punch

They have lost sight of the fact that democracy is a game of equal partners. The north and the south are equal partners, and no one is more important than the other.

The NEF has also said that for them to agree to a Southern President, the South will have to engage them and tell them what the North stand to benefit it they allow the South to become President.

The Southern Governor Forum Meeting Is A Gang Up Against the North

This was the position of The Coalition of Northern Groups. They described the resolution of the SGF as a gang up against the North. The also insisted that the meeting of the SGF was designed to weaken their region. According to them it is unacceptable to SGF to give tacit support to secessionist figures like Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho and then turn around to demand for Presidency.

Photo Credit: Vanguard

They fear that the south when they get the powers could use it against the Northern interest.

The South Must First Address Secessionist Tendencies

In the eyes of another northern group, the Arewa Youths Forum (AYF), the South cannot demand for power until it first successfully address the restiveness in the region by secessionist groups. In other words, until the south does that, the idea od rotating the Presidency to the South based on the pre-2015 agreement is dead on arrival.


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