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Edobor Williams' Certificate Forgery Case Against Obaseki: A Dead From The Start Legal Matter.


Just as preparation for the Edo2020 election continue to gain momentum, the APC and its candidate for the election is yet to grasp the reality that confronts them; especially with the huge rejection of the party and its candidate Ize-iyamu across the state. So, not knowing what to do, they have to go institute a case of certificate forgery against Obaseki and his deputy Philip Shuaibu. In fact, a case that has no validity before the constitution nor the electoral law. However, that lawyers agreed to help them press charges, seems to have given them the false impression that they have a case to take to the court. But then, lawyers will always seek for how to get paid, even on irrelevancies. Reason we have always have so many vain political cases in court, before and after elections.

Mr Edobor Williams, with his team of lawyers has filled a suit at the Federal High Court Benin, with reference number FHC/B/CS/75/2020, against Obaseki and his deputy Philip Shaibu. The suit is seeking the disqualification of Obaseki from the forthcoming Edo election, on the basis that Obaseki and his deputy forged the certificates they submitted to the INEC. Did Obaseki and his deputy actually forged any certificate presented to the INEC? No they didn't. It is a reverse intelligence to call a document which the institution that originally issued it, has confirmed to be authentic. So, if they didn't forge any certificate, why and what is the import of this case to Obaseki's candidacy? It is absolutely a distraction to the Obaseki's team, and a fruitless consolation to the Oshiomhole/Ize-iyamu's team.

For instance professor Ayuba Jonathan, had disqualified Godwin Obaseki, on an alleged certificate discrepancies. The question now is what did Ayuba meant be discrepancies, and was there any firm of discrepancies? First discrepancy according to online dictionary is when there is "an illogical or surprising lack of compatibility or similarity between two or more facts". Certainly this cannot said of Obaseki's certificates. And though professor Ayuba never told us what his alleged discrepancies were/are, Obaseki however told us that on his NYSC certificate, there was a seemingly omission of the letter "I" from his name, as the "I" so written doesn't look like an "I" on a casual look at it. This cannot be interpreted as discrepancies in any consideration. And this doesn't decline the certificate from being that of Obaseki. Normally a court affidavit indicating the error or simply writing to the issuing institution for a replacement would correct this. And Obaseki has written and gotten response from the NYSC, who has issued a replacement for the certificate. So, Obaseki submitted certificates without the error of an "I" to INEC. For Philip Shuaibu, Edobor is the first person alleging a forgery against him. Yet he couldn't clearly state what and where the forgery is.

Oshiomhole, Ize-Iyamu, and Obaseki

Therefore, there is no case of discrepancies in Obaseki's certificates as Ayuba and Edobor would want to emotionally massage the Oshiomhole/Ize-iyamu's team with. He is as a matter of fact going to milk them to pursue a case that has no legal merit. Assuming Obaseki actually has a questionable certificate, is it not of wisdom for the APC to pretend it didn't notice it, and wait till after election to us it against him, when he will have won the election?

The PDP, despite the anticipated dispute among them, which never was are moving with their preparation for the election, but the APC, still yet to understand how Oshiomhole got himself relegated by his hardened fight against Obaseki, are still drunk with irrelevancies against Obaseki. Same irrelevancies that Oshiomhole glamorized that threw him out of the APC chairmanship seat. Had the APC leadership prevailed on Oshiomhole and stopped him from fighting his personal battle with the party machinery, APC will not be in such an irreversible dilemma as they currently are in.

The APC knows that, there is no way anyone can win Obaseki is any election in current Edo state, that was why they screened him out of their primaries, hoping no major party will accept him. But the PDP being a master in political negotiation in modern Nigerian democracy, did the seemingly impossible and Obaseki is flying the PDP's ticket, with all members of the party at both state and the national in full agreement. Meanwhile, APC has been polarized, with larger percentage eager to vote for PDP's Obaseki's. So, APC is trying to seem to everyone as still having a voice with their Edobor dead on arrival case at the Federal High Court Benin.

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