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"There Shouldn't Be Any Politics About Wearing Masks"- Governor Asa Hutchinson Says

There is a new twist in wearing Face masks in the United States since the number one citizen of the Country, President Donald Trump was seen wearing one to a public gathering earlier this week.

The Republican Governor of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson has come out to say "There shouldn't be any politics about [wearing masks],”.

This was the comment he made during an interview on CNN when he was asked if it is necessary to mandate mask in his state, Arkansas.

The excerpt from the interview is given below...

For a couple of reasons, of course wearing mask has become more understood. They understand how important this is to stop the spread. So, I look at it as a way of reinforcing what they all know and some of those that are resistant to it, hopefully, this will bring them over the line. 

We heard that cases are increasing in Arkansas. we have our doctors who are on the frontline and they need their supports asking for this mandates. 

Then, I think about our school children, I've delayed the opening of school for couple of weeks for our consults to give us some time to prepare but eventually they're going to school and wearing the mask in both circumstances.

And so, if we are going to insist upon that on our school children trying to bring education back, I think as adult we need to set that example as well and prepare them for it. 

And so, it was a right decision, I resisted it because it is an infringement upon what somebody's comfort or what they want to do.

But it is necessary in the public health crisis. So, we did that we're working through all the issue around that but it was necessary thing to do for our state.

I hope first, there is an exception but not the rule, most people understand it but we have get over this instead being divided over this issue

It is important, we've said that in the beginning based upon the public health guidance.

I listened to Dr Facusi, Dr Smith and so on, and it is clearly the guidance of the public health community that

there should be any politics about it, that is just what is necessary. And I think people are understanding that

It is not a politics issue in our state, some people know that basis. It is just that they're living in a rural part of the state and 

they think it is not necessary. We're trying to show them that the spread can be anywhere in our state even in the rural areas, he concluded.

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