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Why Political and Religious Leaders Should Not Interfere in Today's Politics?

-We are Muslims but not all Muslims are "Salihai" and only Allah knows who go to hell and who end up in Paradise, we are disappointed by some of our Islamic Clerics. Truth to us may seems false to others, then Kindly hold your opinion.

-In 2015 CAN and some Christian Leaders e.g Orisejefor shamed themseleves just for Jonathan&PDP. Now in 2019 some Islamic clerics like Gero, Bala Lau and Kabir Gombe are now shaming themselves for Buhari&APC. Politics, Pockets or Religion?

-No Nigerian Muslim or Christian should ever tell us that some of these clerics are more helpful to their religion than politics of pockets. How many of them have tirelessly spoke against the incessant Killings, Kidnapping, Rape, Drugs abuse, Child beggers, corruption in governance and political??.

Because the liberal approach claimed that there should be a separation, because because without separation conflict will continue to spread among humans beings about religion... Montesquieu also has a firm believe that religion be part of politics as religion provide unity, harmony and social stability for the society.

This is our opinion... If you have a different view let us hear from you.

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