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Increase in Edo COVID-19 Positive Cases is As A Result of People's Carelessness. - Governor Obaseki

The Edo state government has pointed fingers of blame to the people of Edo state as being adamant and difficult to control as the COVID-19 case increases in the state.

Crusoe Osagie, Governor Obaseki SA on Media and Communication Strategy

Making this known was the the Special Adviser to the Governor of Edo state on Media and Communication, Crusoe Osagie while updating the state on the happenings in the state on a radio grassroot pidgin program on Rhythm FM Benin has anchored by Abraham Ogiemwonye popularly know as "Godfada" this evening.

In the course of the update, he talked on the government's effort on making the state clean as they are trying to clean every starked dirts across the state and other aspects the government is working on.

"There was a challenge on the pilling up of dirts at some point due to the Coronavirus, there was a time when about two months nobody did anything; so during that time, they were not carrying these project as they should have so I know how things are in life when they accumulate it will be difficult to tackle and that is the situation now, but I can assure you, they have started clearing."

Speaking on floods control, Crusoe made an affirmative statement that the floods issue will become things of history in six months to one year time from now.

"The government is doing massive flood control project across the state, at Third Circular, strong water plan project has been ongoing non stop, GRA, Gapiona area is also experiencing another massive work."

"The government is working accidously to ensure that floods don't look bad has they had been in the state, a lot of flood control projects are ongoing and I'm sure that within six months or one year, you will see the completion of the projects."

The SA also said that children resuming school will largely depend on Federal Government instructions on resumption.

"The plan of children resuming school will depend largely on Federal Government instructions because we have been following NCDC and they will be the one to give us directives to go back to school which the state will work on with proper adherence to the guidelines and we are still waiting for the instructions, but as at today, the directives hasn't come meaning schools are not resuming now"

Responding to question on why the COVID-19 taskforce are not seen in the streets enforcing the usage of facemask as it was sometimes back.

"The problem here is that, our people are very careless because we have been reiterating the use of facemask, washing of hands and maintaining social distancing on all platforms, but unfortunately our people are very adamant yet we will continue to talk about it and I want to use this medium to beg all Edolites that this sickness is a serious one."

"Imagine it shutting down the US, Germany and Japan and other top countries in the world; so please continue to adhere to all preventive measures and take care of the old ones very well and those who are liable to sickness"

He added, "this is not the time you flog people on the street as they will still cry to the media if that is enforced so we are begging now and advising people to obey the rules and protect themselves against this deadly disease"

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