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Melania Trump could be set to divorce Donald Trump

 The expert says that the move announced by Melania Trump to buy office space may indicate that she intends to give up Donald Trump.

   The ex-first lady's move "could be a preparatory step to explain to Donald that he would like to resign," said the interested teacher.

   His office now serves as the former president's personal club by the sea, CNN reports.

   Melania is said to be looking for a special area in Palm Beach.

   Melania is said to be taking care of her three White House staffers in an effort to build the Be the Best campaign she launched during her tenure.

   During the campaign, she apparently turned a blind eye to her husband's harassment on social media.

   Family broker Louise Whitney, LKW family broker, told the Daily Star that while it is no coincidence that someone has been in an unhappy relationship for some time, she remains

   There may be "preparation for dismissal" for several reasons.

   He says this includes buying new property, making sure the person has income when it comes to sharing or creating emotional advice.

   Whitney said. "Melania's desire to have a separate office may be ready steps to explain to Donald that he would like to resign.

   She may seek to establish a role for herself that will continue to function as First Lady.

   "He may also want to create an identity. It will be hard for me to think that someone is divorced to be divorced like that person, not as part of a couple, especially if their partner is better, farther away or better. they are better known than they are. ”

   Tina Wilson, co-founder of Wingman, a leading communications expert, agrees that Melania seems to be "making her way".

   The office is changing, but he says it can only be related to his business.

   Wilson says. "Like his former first wife, Melania has been under the microscope for the past four years, being analyzed, criticized, loved and hated for supporting the attention-grabbing Donald.

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