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Monthly Salary Earnings Of Governors By State In Nigeria

Monthly Salary Earnings Of Governors By State In Nigeria

Revenue shape of Governors in Nigeria has decreased compared to that of the past governors. This is due to the new policy taken with the aid of the Presidency to control the us of funds in the country.

Revenue structure of Governors

This post shed light at the income of Governors in Nigeria.

Presently, a nation governor in Nigeria earns N11, 540,896 every year; the fundamental profits is N2, 223,705 and the yearly allowance is N222, 370.50. The Governor is permitted a four hundred% loan from his yearly earnings for cars and maintenance and this will amount to N8, 894,820 as stated in the revenue Mobilization Allocation and economic fee (RMAFC) which have become powerful seeing that 1st July, 2009.

But, it is seen that those Governors pressure round with convoys and those cars include SUVs and others which can be very expensive. Consequently it's miles clear that the Governors are spending greater than the quantity accredited for motors, which is N8, 894,820 and in reality, the stipulated amount is not enough to buy the automobiles.

The Governor is likewise entitled to estacode allowances; this is given once they cross on overseas journeys. He can take any amount he desires from the kingdom coffer as said inside the RMAFC package.

The respective states bear the medical costs of the Governors and he is given a severance gratuity of N6, 671,one hundred fifteen at the cease of his tenure.

That is all about the revenue of Governors in Nigeria.

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