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My dream of becoming Nigeria's president must be realistic. (Please Advice me)

Every human being must have a dream, my dream since my childhood was becoming the president of this country Nigeria. Although my dad who is now late was a retired soldier who never collected his pension after the service even with all the registration and efforts to make it achievable before his death. My mother who is a trader, polythene seller never gave up on her dream In making sure all her children becomes a graduate.

As a young and passionate guy, I develop my interest in politics during my National Diploma days where I was the first president of the newly created department. This was not surprising winning the election narrowly against my string opponent but what I noticed was since then people begin to accord me with leadership respect even before I contested and won the election. They look up to me as a leader who is willing to fight for there interest and so much have confident in.

It was a successful tenure marked with great achievements. Have I discovered my ability to have possess leadership trait, I continue to develop myself by reading different leadership quotes engaging myself in reading leadership books by different authors.

I proceed for my Higher National Diploma HND and this time I was also the president of my faculty and also recorded some achievements too.

After graduating and serving the nation as a youth corper I begin to think of Nigeria situation, how to bring my dream to reality in becoming the president of the country not because of selfish or personal gain but because I am very keen in contributing my own quota towards the development of our country and realizing the Nigeria of our dream where unemployment will be a thing of the past, corruption will be a taboo in every Nigerians life and a country where National interest will supersede personal interest.

A country where technological advancement will be the order of the day, literacy level will be high, poverty will be eradicated and good governance will be the order of the day, where governance or holding public offices will not b seen as an avenue to amass wealth.

I want to be the person that will turn the image of the country for good, I want to make history that even my upcoming generations will benefit from and that the country Nigeria will never forget my name.

This is the dream I hope it will surely be realistic. If Nigeria will be great again it will be in my generation and I want to be the driving force.

But knowing the huge cost of running for a post of president which include campaigns, rallies buying of nomination form in an election, and as a young guy from a poor family but with great vision.

Please advise me on how to go about it in making my dream a reality for the betterment of all. Your candid advise will be use in making my dream a reality.

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