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Peter Obi Preached The Gospel And Manifesto Of My Father In 2019, He's Not A Newbie- Tanko

Earlier today, Dr. Yunusa Tanko, a prominent figure in the Labour Party, made a significant revelation regarding an accusation made against the party's presidential candidate, Peter Gregory Obi. Dr. Tanko, who serves as the spokesperson for the Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council, appeared as a guest on ARISE TV's 'Prime Time' program hosted by Charles Aniagolu. The purpose of his appearance was to discuss the ongoing leadership crisis that has gripped the party.

Source: Arise TV

During the interview, Dr. Tanko firmly asserted that factions within the Labour Party vying for control were being backed by the established political order, which felt threatened by the party's remarkable success in the recently concluded elections. He further claimed that this group of politicians had resorted to various tactics to portray Peter Obi as a religious and ethnic extremist to unsuspecting Nigerians. Specifically, he mentioned that they had been imitating Obi's voice during phone calls, using this strategy to deceive gullible individuals.

To support his argument, the Labour Party chieftain recounted an incident that occurred four days ago at the Election Petition Tribunal. He shared the story of a young man who stormed the tribunal, alleging that Obi had personally called him and initiated a conversation in the Igbo language. According to the accuser, the former governor of Anambra abruptly ended the call upon learning that the man was not from the Southeast region.

This revelation by Dr. Yunusa Tanko sheds light on the ongoing power struggle within the Labour Party and the alleged tactics employed by the old political establishment to undermine the party's success. It highlights the lengths to which certain individuals are willing to go in their attempts to tarnish the image of Peter Gregory Obi, the Labour Party's presidential candidate.

Quoting the exact statement released by Dr. Yunusa Tanko, he said, "Peter Obi preached the gospel and manifesto of my father in 2019, he's not a newbie." "This old political order has become so desperate that they are doing everything to destroy our party. They have even gone as far as mimicking Peter Obi's voice on the phone, trying to make it seem like he is the one talking to you. Let me give you an example. About four days ago, a young gentleman approached us at the court and claimed that Obi called him to say he was on his way to his shop. The man said that suddenly, Obi started speaking to him in Igbo, but when the man clarified that he was not Igbo, Obi abruptly hung up the phone. So, this man said he came to court to accuse Obi of being a religious and tribal bigot."

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