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Buhari’s Official Photographer Recalls His Experience Before He Became The President’s Photographer

The official photographer of President Muhammadu Buhari, Bayo Omoboriowo, recently opened up about his past life about how he struggled to become a successful photographer. The president's official photographer shared his uplifting story to his fans after he landed in Kaduna state in a helicopter.

Bayo Omoboriowo:

Photos credit: Instagram.

He said that his flight in the helicopter opened up memories about his past life. The now successful photographer narrated how he struggled to make money during wedding ceremonies in Kaduna state. The memories of his past immediately came pouring in as he revealed how he would hustle to make money by taking photographs of patrons.

However, he revealed that it was a photographer’s worst nightmare if the photos taken are rejected. However, despite his tough past, Bayo Omoboriowo revealed that he’s grateful to God for keeping his dream alive by being a successful photographer.

Bayo Omoboriowo lands in Kaduna state:

Photo credit: Bayo Omoboriowo.

Read what President Muhammadu Buhari official photographer Bayo Omoboriowo wrote as he reminisced his life before he became the president's official photographer.

“Yesterday, we landed in Kaduna via a chopper and I literally had goosebumps. This was neither my first time flying in a chopper, nor my first time landing at this venue, but this time some memories came flooding in”.

“A little over 10 years ago, I landed at this same venue, in a luxurious bus, I had squatted in from Port Harcourt. I had come to do ‘Wait and Get’”.

“For those who do not know, ‘Wait and Get’ or ‘Pa pa pa’ is that kind of photography most photographers do to make quick bucks from events and in their innermost, pray they never do, due to people’s reactions to their photos, many times not collecting them”.

“(Have you rejected a wait and get photo at a wedding before?). This was my reality in 2010. I ran from pillar to post, to make ends meet, I had to squat at a Corpers’ lodge to pass the nights, beg to photograph strangers, as I hurried to the ‘Photo-lab’ to print, while hoping the people I snapped had not left the event”.

“Those days weren’t a casual stroll, but as we touched down this same venue a decade later, I am grateful to God that with the camera still on my hands, I am not where I was 10 years ago”.

“Regardless of how challenging today is, don’t ever look back, keep your hope alive, keep your dreams as a front-burner on your mind, keep staying positive, surround yourself with destiny helpers and destiny groomers”.

“Love and light always!”. Bayo Omoboriowo wrote.

Source: Bayo Omoboriowo.

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