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Take A Glimpse At Interior PHOTOS of Donald Trump $200 Million Hotel

Donald Trump throughout his life has achieved tremendous heights, not only was he the 45th president of America but also a devoted successful businessman.

Though, many Americans describe Trump as a racist and intimidator, he actually finds hobby playing with kids and is also a lover of entertainment. In 2004, Trump starred in the hit NBC series Apprentice before venturing into politics which he won in 2017 against Hilary Clinton as the 45th president of USA. 

Before his success in politics as the president, Donald Trump had several million dollars properties to his name, one of which was his $200 million dollar hotel he built in 2016 named Trump International Hotel In Washington, DC.

The hotel is constantly being Lounged by top Politicians and businesses moguls. Why you may ask? Well it's due to its high cost to spend a night which is $25,000 (N9,512,500 in naira). A bottle of wine named the Trump cocktail is the most expensive drink there is and its sold at $2,650.

Checkout the interior Photos

Trump during it's grand opening.


Even after losing the president seat to Joe Biden, Trump can still live comfortably as a president of his own due to his wealth. Do you wish to be wealthy like Trump some day? Tell me in the comment box and also share this article so others can be updated aswell.

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