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Read Why The Biden White House Want Donald Trump To Come Back To The White House

According to CNN Politics this morning, the White House has finally ordered former President Donald Trump to come over because they needed his help in promoting the coronavirus vaccine to his supporters but says there are other ways to convince conservatives to get the shot. A few hours ago, the White House laid out how it was reaching conservatives with vaccine messaging, even as officials acknowledged a Democratic president did not carry the same weight among that population as other countries.

Earlier this year at a Conservative Political Action Conference, Former President, Donald Trump has made small efforts to promote the vaccine during his speech, but he did not appear in a public service announcement featuring former presidents that were released a week ago.

"The White House would welcome former President Donald Trump's help in promoting the coronavirus vaccine to his supporters, press secretary Jen Psaki says" CNN Politics tweeted.

Checkout the Reactions:

@butterfly5069: Trump won't do that because if he cared about Reps. or people in general of this country getting vaccinated he would not hide the fact that he along with his wife had already taken it.

@UnitedW22607736: He would never do it. Helping Biden? Naw...he rather sacrifices some of his worshippers' lives than help Biden.

@Bev1Jill: NO, not Trump! Please leave trump to fade away! He has no place in this Pandemic now! Trump is the reason 3 close to 4 million is dead worldwide. PLS President Biden does not mess with trash it gets on you!

Share your thoughts about this in the comment section, do you think it might be a setup for the current president, Joe Biden?

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