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Reality On Ground: Near Collapse Of Education Sector In Nigeria

Until intentional and deliberate laws and policies are made, the Nigeria Educational system will continue to be in retardation or even crash.

This is not a prophecy or prediction, but reality on the street from Lagos to Yola, from Akwa-ibom to Zamfara, In our villages and communities. Worst of it, even schools in capital cities or at the backyard of a big man.. The trio, Western education, Islamic education and the Traditional education system has suffered neglect and conspiracy against common citizens.

Year on Year, #Billions are siphoned through this neglected sector. No proper projection on the ever growing population. Imagine, the same structures and facilities for over 20 - 40 years. No expansion of classes and other learning facilities, No regular recruitment or replacement of teachers at the Grassroot.

Ironically, most Government officials, Government or public schools teachers, Political and non political leaders are uninterrupted beneficiaries of FREE education and scholarship, but massively have their CHILDREN in private schools within and abroad...

Funny to know that this private schools pay teachers 10-15 thousand naira as salaries. No other benefit attached. The rapid increase in school fees in private schools and lack of balancing INCOME has forced people to settle for less.

Surprisingly, school fees of Daycare, Play class, Nursery this or that is enough to train 2-3 university students some decades ago.

In no distant time, if nothing is meaningfully done. Our streets will be overstretched by young hands without job, half knowledge. The resultant effects will be more devil's workshops, more crime, more lawlessness, more anything bad.

The public schools should improve on its policy, implementation and supervision.

Content created and supplied by: DanielZagpish (via Opera News )

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