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31 Years Old Nigerian Lady Losses Memory And Got Stranded At The Airport After Her Return From Oman

This 31 year old Nigerian Lady is said to be stranded at the international airport here in Nigeria, after she got deported from Oman.

According to the report given on her condition at the airport, it was revealed that the young lady traveled to Oman, just make a living for herself but it was the other way round for her after she got deported from the country.

There's a rush for many Nigerians to leave the country at all cost, but neglecting the dangers they could face in going to some of this country to work as slave, some Nigerians who traveled out to work in some of these countries, end up regretting their decision and here there's another victim of circumstance.

Here are screenshots of what people are saying about the lady:

The young lady who's identified as Funmilayo Victoria Fehintola was said to have lost her memory after she arrived Nigeria back and she can't remember anything or make a move to contact any of her family.

Nobody knows what has actually happened to her during her stay in Oman, but obviously she needs medical attention and after that maybe she could share her experience.

What do you think about people who travel from Nigeria just to work as slave at Oman and some other Countries?

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