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I Am Ready to Bear the Consequences of Speaking Out. - Sheikh Muhammad Nuru.

In an exclusive interview with Roots TV, the Chief Imam of Apo Legislative quarters juma'at mosque in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Sheikh Muhammad Nuru Khalid spoke about the security challenges plaguing the country, calling on President Buhari to find lasting and quick solutions to Nigeria's problem while accommodating more dissenting voices.

During the interview, Sheikh Muhammadu said if Pres. Buhari wants to deliver, may the almighty help him but if he does not want to deliver, may the Almighty deal with him. For me to keep quiet and people are dying in the country, innocent children abducted and as a father and grandfather at this age, I will not have feelings or I cannot voice out. What is the essence of living, he asked?. I have made up my mind to sacrifice for that and no going back.

When asked whether his last statement to Buhari on a viral video that trended was made under duress. Muhammad Nuru said he didn't say anything under duress. I intentionally said it and I meant what I said and I am ready to bear the consequences. This way that the government is moving is a failure. Kidnapping and abduction have become institutionalized businesses today. All the gadgets of this world with all the technology of this world, people are using the phone to communicate that your beloved ones are with is and you are going to pay such amount of money to secure their release and we have this government that has Ministry of Communication and Technology and everything but cannot track that phone. This is unbelievable and tragic.

If I die now, I am trying to provide life for other people who are dying unjustly in Nigeria. All the Elites of this country have failed, all the politicians have failed. We have to come back to the drawing board. If there is no issue of failure, what brought back the agitation of Biafra, is because our leaders have failed people. People share the same feelings with me but they are afraid. Some are emotionally inclined to their religion. Some are emotionally inclined to their tribe which is why people kept quiet.

Now, everybody is using Islam to say what he wants. Some people can easily use Islam to say it is against the tenet of Islam to call a failure a failure. But they were there when Jonathan was criticized by Muslim Clerics. Gradually, I learned that the problem we have in this country that is going to consume all of us if we are not careful is extremism. The best option in dealing with Banditry, Boko Haram, and others is to crush them completely.

Reacting to the Islamization of Nigeria, the Muslim Cleric said it is impossible to Islamize or Christianize Nigeria. In the case of Sharia, Sharia is something we have to sit down and look into it critically in Nigeria especially the Muslims. The Sharia move claimed some innocent lives in Nigeria. Any Muslim Cleric has no right to declare a judgment because there is a constituted authority.

Was this your first time saying something against killing and kidnapping taking place in Nigeria? Sheikh Muhammad said this is not his first time saying something against killing and kidnapping. I said it more than this during the last administration and the Present administration but why this one is so viral is because Nigerians are tired. The people have the right to voice out now because they are suffering. About seven villages cannot afford to eat three square meals a day because they gather their money to pay bandits. If they didn't, their villages will be set ablaze. We are in the democratic era, the most important element in democracy is freedom.

Some people are ready to kill anybody who said that Buhari cannot deliver. The post-election violence of 2011 is an affirmation of that. If somebody kills me because of this, my blood would write a history that because of humanity I was killed. Someone must sacrifice for this country and this is the sacrifice I can do for this country and I have no regret for that. If I am intimidated that means the President intentionally doesn't want to fulfill his promise, Sheikh Muhammad stated.

Source: Roots TV

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