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LOCKDOWN: Nigeria Should Be Locked Down Until 2021 (View)

The rate in which the current pandemic is increasing has been alarming. The number of people infected on a daily basis with the virus has been high.

Before now, the number of those infected with the virus was low. This was because there was a total lockdown placed in the country. This helped in curbing the spread of the virus to some extent.

The federal government announced the uplifting of the lockdown about one month ago. Ever since the lockdown was lifted, the cases reported daily has been on the rise.

Recently, 34259 cases have been confirmed.

In my opinion, the federal government of Nigeria should declare a total lockdown in the country inorder to curb the spread of the virus.

Many lives are at risk if the federal government doesn't lockdown activities in the country until 2021.

Our life is important.

What's your opinion on this?

Remember that life is precious.

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