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India Criticized For Not Setting Up Counter Measures

International community is criticizing India’s claim of being the largest democracy that it should set a pandemic-response example in which it has failed.

The Washington Post writes that model of drastic measures to control the novel coronavirus has not been an entirely positive one despite Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s false claims.

Mr Modi announced a strict lockdown on March 24, with only four hours’ notice, and only after shutting down air, rail and road transportation.

The result was that millions of poor migrant workers were instantly stranded in cities, where many live at their place of work. Hundreds of thousands took to the roads in a desperate attempt to walk home, only to be attacked by police enforcing the curfew or forcibly quarantined when they reached their home states.

Some 7 million workers are now held in 2,700 camps.

On the other hand, even during this Covid Pandemic, media in India is blaming Muslim community for the spread of the virus, which has increasingly become the target of Prime Minister Modi’s Hindu nationalism.

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