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Stephen Oshawo Might Be Very Useful To PDP, He Can Be Bought Politically In Edo State [Opinion]

The coming election in Edo state has been germinating a lot of political moves, but then it is inarguable that 'A man can not ascertain situations unless in lucky Scenerios'. However, Stephen Oshawo who happens to be the ward chairman of Adams Oshiomhole in Edo State has successfully gotten political fame for himself by playing a very brutal politics against Adams Oshiomhole which even got him propelled to the national level, as his vibration was 'nationally felt'. Stephen Oshawo was able to achieve what other political cabals who are beyond him in political capacity could not achieve, and it is the fact that he hunted Adams Oshiomhole and buried him politically. Then with his Zeal, it is quite logical that he can be useful to PDP, hence with the situation of things, one can say that, 'Stephen Oshawo Might Be Very Useful To PDP, He Can Be Bought Politically In Edo State' as it is obvious that PDP in Edo state are hungry for power, this can be tell from the way they dispenses their politics in the state, and with that they might not find it difficult to invest any of their resources to buy the loyalty of Stephen Oshawo into their camp because it will be an edge to the stakes in their political dealings.

Meanwhile, there is no way we can talk about the disagreement between Adams Oshiomhole and Stephen Oshawo without poke nosing into the political affairs of Godwin Obaseki who happens to be the incumbent governor of Edo state, and as at today he is presently on the bid to return for his second term as the state governor, then it is no more a breaking news to most Nigerians that Adams Oshiomhole and Godwin Obaseki are not on the same page politically, as the duo had been dragging political power with each other for some years back. If to say there exists no political disagreements between Adams Oshiomhole and Godwin Obaseki, then there are much possibilities that APC might not have been in political crises in Edo state, not to talk of bringing Stephen Oshawo into the limelight of national politics, as he has judiciously utilized the favourable moments in the political rancor between Adams Oshiomhole and Godwin Obaseki.

PDP as a party can make things fall apart for APC in Edo state, if they can call Stephen Oshawo to their political page and then make him to pledge loyalty to their camp, the move will be of mutual benefit as PDP will have an higher stake over the new development, and Stephen Oshawo on the other hand will equally become more famous and relevant in both the state and national politics. Stephen Oshawo's Loyalty might not even be bought with 'Money or Wealth', but it is such that could be easily gotten with politics, because PDP will make him to understand what he would gain if at all he can decide to be one of their members. There is indeed a 'power' in political negotiations when it comes to politics, and it is the right tool for PDP to adopt at this very moment so as to achieve their aims and objectives in the present politics. Then when the Loyalty of Stephen Oshawo has been bought, the move will make APC to feel very much weak which will in return foster the strength of PDP.

Godwin Obaseki had been a member of APC right from time, but he decamped to PDP recently when political issues orchestrated between him and Adams Oshiomhole who happens to be one of the strongest political 'tycoon' in APC as at today, he is such who can move mountains in the affairs of National politics. But then he has been suspended as the national chairman of APC, in which his suspension was championed by Stephen Oshawo, who unveiled that Adams Oshiomhole had failed to pay due regards to the party, and he also failed to acknowledge the Norms and values of his ward, which happens to be ward 10, Etsako Local Government In Edo State, hence with that Stephen Oshawo filed a suspension case against Adams Oshiomhole as a party member, which further affected his stakes in the national politics. Meanwhile, we need to be very much sincere at this juncture, as it is very true that little things matters in politics, because it might be hard for anyone to think that Adams Oshiomhole could be gotten easily and cheaply with the 'political politics' of Stephen Oshawo who is just a ward chairman and not even a politician with a very big stake in politics who has global respect, as his relevancy is only limited to his territory which happens to be his ward in Edo State.


The appointment of 'Ganduje', as the leader of the campaign team in Edo state is no more a new thing to most Nigerians as the news had gone viral already, and 'Nyesom Wike' had been equally appointed as the leader of PDP's campaign team in Edo state. Nyesom Wike happens to be the incumbent governor of Rivers State who still serves in office till today. Godwin Obaseki decamped to PDP to seek for political refuge because he sees PDP as the right party he can successfully nurture his political stakes, and then fire some 'political bullets' to Adams Oshiomhole and APC at large, whereas Adams Oshiomhole on the other hand is not taking things lightly with him even though he has been suspended as the national chairman of APC, and upon that he has found his way to be a member of the campaign team for the APC in Edo state. But then, the masses shall know the political superior between Godwin Obaseki and Adams Oshiomhole in due time which will be after the state election.

Politics is like a war in which one have to identify his or her threats in due regards to the available resources. This is to tell you that one needs to be strategically smart, or else such might eventually be the architect of his or her misfortune during the course of political dealings. If PDP can be very much smart to key into the buying of loyalty of Stephen Oshawo, as it is quite logical that he is unnoticeable politically but the political stakes within his jurisdiction can not be jettisoned. Stephen Oshawo would be more useful in PDP and he will also have more stakes to gain in their party. PDP should keenly be on the lookout and then pick up the political stakes in APC, then with that they will surely record victory in their election because this is something that is quite logical. However, it is also expected of them to give utmost relevancy to every individuals they have decided to camp to their territory, as it is an obvious truth that loyalty is the best bribe one can give to a man. Stephen Oshawo should also gets sensitized to his political guards as he might suddenly become an eye of attraction due to the brutal politics he played with Adams Oshiomhole because every dealings in life has expiry moments, but it is expected of someone to clean up every political mess that is being orchestrated in a political cycle. Hence, if PDP can successfully play their cards in buying the loyalty of Stephen Oshawo, then it is obviously calculative that Stephen Oshawo will be very much more useful in PDP. The likes of 'Bola Tinubu' needs to be fully sensitized to political situations, as he happens to be the national leader of the party or else things might fall apart for APC if they fail to acknowledge 'little things that matters'.

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