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The Former King Of Lagos Who Was Dethroned For Trying To Ban Slave Trade

King Akitoye reigned twice as Oba of Lagos. He ascended the throne as Oba of Lagos in 1841 and tried to ban slave trading. Local merchants, who were prominent slave traders, opposed the move and Oba Akitoye was eventually deposed and sent to exile.

Akitoye was eventually succeeded by his brother, Kosoko, as Oba of Lagos. At exile in Great Britain, Akitoye met with British authorities and some anti-slave traders who had banned slave trading in 1807.

While Kosoko was the Oba of the powerful city of Lagos, with its major slave ports situated all around the coast of the city, slave trade in Lagos rose like never before making him lose favour with the British government who wanted to put an end to the slave trade business by all means necessary.

On January 1851, Consul Beecroft, who was the British consul for the Blights of Benin and Biafra, met with Akitoye in Badagry and promised to help facilitate his return to the throne of Eko in return for a treaty banning all slave trade activities, human rituals and other similar activities.


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