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See Where You Can Do DNA Tests In Nigeria With Minimal Expense

Dear Nigerian Fathers, See Where You Can Do A DNA Test With Little Cost

Following FCMB Boss paternal scandal, which saw a lady reveal to her husband that the kids she had for him actually belongs to her boss, Nigerians have called on fathers to try and conduct a DNA test to confirm the Paternity of their kids in order to avoid a Sad ending like that of Tunde who died after hearing the news.

And from my investigations, I was able to gather some information regarding the cost and locations where the DNA test can be conducted in Nigeria.

From my discovery, laboratories which performs the DNA test in Nigeria charges as little as 80,000 Naira per sample And 300k at most. You will get the outcome of the test within 2 weeks that the test is carried out.

You can even speed up the process if you offer to pay more.

So if you are interested in conducting the DNA test, here are the locations you can get test done in Nigeria based on where you are located.

1. South-West Residence: If you resides in southwest Nigeria, you can visit the following places in Lagos and Ibadan :

Lagos State Teaching Hospital(LUTH) genomic (molecular) laboratory, LYNX DNA laboratory, Synlab which is located in Lagos and Synlab which is situated in Ibadan.

2.Northern Residents : If you reside in the northern part of Nigeria, the DNA test can be carried out at DNA labs located in Kaduna, Firmcare laboratories in Abuja and Synlab also located in Abuja.

3.South South Residents : If you reside in Southern parts of Nigeria, you can get the test done Synlab located in Synlab, Benin, Calabar, Port-Harcourt and Warri Delta state.

And if you reside in South Eastern part of the county, you can visit Synlab at Enugu.

Once beaten, twice shy, it's better to spend a fortune on knowing if you are the real father of a child , than raising the kids of a stranger in deceit .

And moreover, 80k is little compared to the damages of raising a bastard as your child for several years.

Source : Medicdrive

Content created and supplied by: Kiriyo (via Opera News )

FCMB Ibadan LUTH Lagos State Teaching Hospital( Nigeria


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