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Presidency 2023: Nigeria's Next President Should Be a Woman And This is The Reason

With next presidential election in Nigeria scheduled to take place in 2023, many names have been rumoured to be interested in occupying the number one seat in the country. Just like it has been the tradition of Nigeria to be ruled by a male leader, 2023 is equally expected to produce another male president for the country. But is this supoused to be so?

Development experts have argued that for there to be a sustainable development in any country, both genders must be put into consideration. It is on record that since the amalgamation of 1914 that brought about what we know today as Nigeria, the country has never had a female president. Nigeria just like every other African nation wish to become one of the top nations of the world. We wish to move away from a developing nation to a developed one, but one of the factors that mitigate against the development of the country has been issues of leadership. Men has been ruling since history up till date and it is time to try another gender.

If we adopted the western democracy as a system of government, we should equally learn to give the female gender a chance. Look at Germany, one of the top countries of the world that we even look up to, it is under the government of a woman. UK Has at some point in time, have female prime ministers and they performed to the best of their ability. We cannot continue to deny women the opportunity. Women deserve a chance at the top position. We have women who are capable and are really doing well in their fields. All we need to do is to support and encourage them. Since men have had so many stints at presidency and we have not actually seen any difference, we should give the women a chance.

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