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Felix Morka Upholds Zoning Arrangement for National Assembly Leadership as Equitable

In a recent statement made by Channels Television on their official Twitter handle, APC spokesman Felix Morka reinforced the party's commitment to maintaining a zoning arrangement for the National Assembly leadership, emphasizing its equitable nature. The concept of zoning has been a significant factor in Nigeria's political landscape, aiming to promote inclusivity and balance within political parties.

Morka's assertion that the APC's zoning arrangement for the National Assembly leadership is equitable carries weight in a nation that often grapples with regional and ethnic disparities. Zoning, also referred to as power rotation, entails the distribution of leadership positions among different regions or ethnic groups within a political party or governing body. This practice aims to ensure that no single region or ethnic group dominates the leadership positions, fostering a sense of fairness and representation.

The APC's commitment to the zoning arrangement aligns with its efforts to maintain a harmonious and inclusive political environment. By adhering to the principles of zoning, the party recognizes the importance of diverse perspectives and experiences in shaping policies and governance. It fosters unity and strengthens the party's structure, as members from various regions or ethnic groups feel adequately represented and valued.

It is worth noting that the effectiveness and sustainability of the zoning arrangement depend on various factors, including the party's internal dynamics, the preferences of its members, and the prevailing political climate. As Nigeria continues to evolve politically, it is crucial to strike a delicate balance between the principles of zoning and the pursuit of meritocracy. The ultimate goal should be to select competent and capable leaders who can effectively address the nation's challenges and deliver on the promises of good governance.

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