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Declare These Powerful Prayers Against Evil Power Hindering Your Victory In Life

No matter how big or small a prayer can be, my brothers and sisters, prayers are tools to have over diverse problems, don't be weary victory is yours. Psalms 144:1-15, John 16:33.

Oh Lord attack the enemies that seek my downfall.

Oh Lord give me power the enemy can not over.

Oh Lord, grant me victory over personal battles and problems.

Oh Lord take me into covenant of victory so that darkness will not over shadow me.

Oh Lord speak words of victory to my life for me to be victories over my enemies.

Oh Lord, give me victory over time battle.

Oh Lord make my life a victory's life.

Oh Lord decree victory concerning the battle facing facing my life.

Oh Lord, let me triumph over problem that relegate one to the back.

Oh Lord, give me sword of victory which no one can uncover its source.

Oh Lord, lift up scepter of victory to the destruction of all my enemies

Oh Lord, give me power of back to sender.

Oh Lord, give victory over all evil angles that I'm faced with problems.

Oh Lord, don't allow my enemies to overcome in my dream.

Oh Lord, let me overcome surrounding problems that troubles my life.

Oh Lord make me a conqueror.

All whose afflict my life, be destroyed with sword of victory.

Oh Lord, give me victory over problems that waste my time.

Oh Lord, let every sources of problems of my life dry off and make me a victory.

Oh Lord, use your victory hand to deliver me from the problem that intends taking my life.

Oh Lord, herald my victory and let my enemies be shame.

Oh Lord, redeem victory for me and let the rest of my days be victorious & and peaceful.

Oh Lord, give me victory over surrounding problems that derives my rest.

Oh Lord, make my seat that of victory.

Oh Lord, set aside victory for me over problems facing me and my family.

Oh Lord, let my victory manifest so that the enemies would not laugh at me.

Oh Lord, let victory be sure for me in all ways.

Oh Lord, gird me with loin of victory to prevent me from battle defeat in Jesus name.

Kindly comment below by saying Amen.

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