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Things were not this bad when Abba Kyari was alive, Buhari is missing him (Opinion)

Things were not this bad when Abba Kyari was alive, these factors shows Buhari is missing the late Abba Kyari

President Buhari government and the entire presidency have been having it rough and tough.

It's always been the case of one scandal to another. If not mismanagement of funds, then one of the strong person in the presidency will be accused of corruption or another thing.

From Minister Akpabio to the Minister of Labour Chris Ngige to the APC crisis, it's been from one scandal to another.

This made me write this opinion article that President Buhari is seriously missing his late Chief of Staff Abba Kyari.

When Abba Kyari died, there were "rumours" all around saying President Buhari will not have it easy as the only person whom he so trust with everything is gone. We all say it's nothing, but now, the truth had dawned on us all. The president have been having so many serious issues he alone can't handle.

Of course, we all have friends, but there will be someone we can tell everything about ourself, that is the kind of friend Abba Kyari is to President Buhari.

Inside story shows that the President leave everything into Abba Kyari care because of the trust he has in him.

Now that the man is dead, there is no one whom Buhari can entrust private and government policy issues to his/her care anymore.

The newly appointed COS has not been effective as Abba Kyari. 

Therefore, Nigerians, expect more serious things to come, as the only one who can check and balance things for the President to make sure no one steals, mismanage funds or let private issues leak to the public is dead.

Therefore, fellow Nigerians, expect tougher days ahead.

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