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Presidency 2023: These Two Men Remain The Best As Running Mate, Nigerians Will Be Motivated To Vote

The race for the 2023 presidential election has begun. It is not too early to talk about the 2023 Presidential Election. However, the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic in the world may have lessen the campaign and endorsement of stakeholders in politics by different groups, associations and vanguards but still, strategies and tactics are already being drawn out against 2023. Many top Politicians have been rumored to be intestines in the race, and we've heard big names like; Bola Tinubu, Adams Oshiomhole, Nasir El- Rufai, Kayode Fayemi, Yemi Osinbajo, Peter Obi, Atiku Abubakar, and the likes.

However, all these constantly mentioned names are not so welcomed by the people. I was surprised that no one is talking about the former president, Goodluck Jonathan and Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. These two personalities are more preferable by the citizens than the bunch of names flying around. Although, they are yet to declare their intentions and show interest in the 2023 Presidential race. But they still have more than enough time ahead to indicate interest all of a sudden.

There have been underground political combination and permutations by different political bodies and party members before the breakdown of Coronavirus. None of this combination for 2023 ever mentioned Jonathan or Sanusi.

Among all the politicians that are already showing interest, one or two people will always kick against them. Goodluck Jonathan and Sanusi Lamido would have been highly welcomed by Nigerians only if they would indicate interest.

Sanusi Lamido and Goodluck Jonathan: Men of Impeccable Character

Goodluck Jonathan became well respected ever since he conceded electoral defeat to Muhammadu Buhari, famously asserting that “nobody’s ambition is worth the blood of any Nigerian.” Nigerians commended him for accepting a fair Election without violence. It was an unprecedented and courageous act in Nigerian politics, and it caught many Nigerians and Nigeria-watchers by surprise. He may have wielded power ineffectually or corruptly, but in refusing to cling to it illegitimately, Goodluck Jonathan altered the course of Nigerian history.

Since his concession, the former president has been having experience and enjoying the privilege of a senior statesman, at least in certain circles. He has been honored with international awards and invited to deliver keynote remarks at global conferences on everything from peace-building to improving educational opportunities. He is particularly sought-after as a champion of democracy and peace because of his peaceful display of maturity in the 2015 General election.

Sanusi Lamido has a track record as an astute Banker and traditional head of his people. He helped Nigeria manage the global financial crisis during the recession when he was still the CBN Governor. He also helped to transform the traditional settings of Kano emirate to a 21st century befitting status, Courtesy of his vast knowledge as a well travelled personality.

Why They Are A Perfect Match

In Nigeria's political structure, there's a way the party select their candidates and his running mate in such a way that it will look unbiased, non-discriminating and foster unity. This is due to the heterogeneous nature of Nigeria, accommodating different tribes, different religion, and the likes.

For any Presidential race to look perfect, the Representatives must be provided by every bit of the nation. Such is the case of Goodluck Jonathan and Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. Goodluck Jonathan could go for the President as Sanusi Lamido will be running as his Vice.

Goodluck Jonathan is a southerner while Sanusi Lamido is a Northerner, this balances the geo-political zone crisis. It will be easier for them to gather votes all over the nation if they team up as running mate. While the North will be casting vote for their trustworthy son and man of integrity, the south will be casting vote for their responsible son and man of peace.

Considering religion, there will be no discrimination if the two decides to run side by side. Goodluck Jonathan is a devoted Christain as well as Sanusi Lamido who is a devoted Muslim. Running the race together will help them gain the confidence of many, as they both represent the two major religions in Nigeria.

Another thing that makes them perfect, is their quality. While Goodluck Jonathan is a gentle and easy going leader, Sanusi on the other hand is an outspoken leader. The two cannot be cold together, neither must they get hot together. This is to make it balance. If the two of them are outspoken, they will always have a clash. Likewise, if they are both gentle, the nation might unnecessarily suffer from it.

A better indication that they are perfect match, is their uncompromising level of maturity. You could recall that Goodluck Jonathan and Sanusi Lamido had misunderstanding during the former's tenure, that they had to drive theirselves to court. Despite all this, the two of them were humble enough to come together to reconcile.

Lastly, these two respected men are both highly educated and have more expository to Government. Goodluck Jonathan was once a deputy Governor, later became a Governor, he also rose to the office of vice president and president respectively. This shows his level of experience, there are lessons he must have learnt from behind and wouldn't want to repeat the mistakes. He has so many academic degrees, including a doctorate in philosophy (Ph.D)

Sanusi Lamido was twice a public leader too. He was a former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. Various policies of the CBN aside from banking roles, has made him more endeared to Poor Nigerians. Policies like Agricultural policies, Loan disburse, Grant, and the likes are being carried out yearly by the Apex bank. This has given him a closer impression of what his people really are. He was also the Emir of Kano until he was recently deposed this year by Governor Ganduje. He is also an academician with various degrees in different discipline. As a international renowned banker and financial expert,Nigeria will benefit from his erudition and expertise and this will help to grow our economy in no time.

What do you think about the combination of this two? Kindly drop your comments.

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