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Yaradua's Last Statement On His Sick Bed That Made Many Nigerians To Believe He Was Godsent

As the saying goes, "you only realize the importance of someone when they are gone." This is exactly the case of late President Umaru Musa Yaradua, the former President has died before we realize he was Godsent.

With just three years in power, Yaradua set legacies that will definitely remain on the sand of time which have made him one of thee best Presidents that ever ruled Nigeria

Yaradua was known for his prudent and integrity, he set the pace for being the first President in the history of Nigeria to publicly declare his assets and that of his wife, Turai Yaradua, to eliminate the level of corruption associated with public office holders. 

The late President was never a fan of material wealth, he never care to accumulate wealth and mansions when he knew he will definitely die and leave them behind. 

His leadership style was purely different from the status quo and was already on the way of setting Nigeria for developmental change through his seven point agenda when death snatched him away from us on 5 May, 2010.

Yaradua was indeed a monumental loss to Nigeria at a time we all think we've seen the ideal leader we have been praying for. 

His last statement before he died explained in detail the kind of person he was. While on his sick bed, the late president had called on his dear wife and said, "Turai, I pity you because when I die you will quarrel with my relatives because they think I have so much money left in my possession”.

While he was dying, his worry was that his family will think he has so much possession he left behind and that might cause quarrel with his wife and his family. 

He was such a great man, Yaradua's worry wasn't his will or the usual properties, he has little or nothing behind and was worried his family may think he has so much possession left behind. 

His lifestyle is a great lesson for upcoming self leaders to lean from. His death and the manner in which he was buried defined his true sense of humility. 

This singular statement Yaradua made at the point of his death made many Nigeria to still believe till date that the late President was Godsent to be the answer to Nigeria's leadership problem. 

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