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Opinion: The Leaders We Want Come 2023 General Elections

Nigeria no doubt has been hit with a whole lot of crisis ranging from insecurity, kidnapping, terrorism, herdsmen killing, and banditry. As 2023 general election is drawing closer, one will ask or wonder the kind of President, Governors and other leadership posts that will solve the National problem and restore hope to Nigerians.

In this article, I will be discussing (in my opinion) the kind of President and leaders I believe can solve Nigeria’s many problems as 2023 general election draw closer. Please have an open mind as you read and contribute your thoughts constructively.

Compassion: With the way things are in the country right now, Nigeria truly deserve compassionate or kind hearted leaders come 2023. Leaders who can understand the hardship, pain and deprivation the citizens have known for a long time now. Compassion comes naturally with love and care which is exactly what Nigerians need.

Selfless leaders: For me, being selfless is thinking about others more than yourself or even your family, loved ones and close associates. We need leaders that can put aside personal agenda and work for the good and development of our dear Nation Nigeria. I believe leaders with such quality will be more driven to right the wrongs of past leaders.

We need leaders with vision. Leaders who can see far ahead and work together to achieve the best for the country.

Nigeria need leaders who can communicate and interact with the citizens better. Leaders who never try to shut the people they are leading up just because they have the power. Communication is key, when there are crisis, insecurity and unrest, the people need to hear from the president and those at the helm of affairs of the Country. Keeping quite makes citizens angry and anxious. So communication is key.

Come 2023, we need leaders who are ready to account for things and happenings. Accountability matters in every sector in the government. The people need to know what is happening at all times. They need to know how things are running in all ramifications.

Honesty: One of the things that every leader should be known for is the ability to be truthful and straightforward. When you lie to the people you are leading, that is dishonesty, this gives room to distrust and when the citizens do not trust leaders, you have disgruntled people everywhere. We need leaders who are like an open book with no skeleton in their cupboard, who are ready to bare it all.

This coming election, we want leaders that knows what division of labor is. Being able to understand what your job entails matters. We don't want a Senator doing the work of a Local Government Chairman or dictating to them how to do their job. There has to be boundaries, every leader at every level should know what they are expected to do and shouldn't be cajoled or reminded.

These are my humble opinion regarding the kind of leaders we want to see in charge of our country Nigeria come 2023 election.

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