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Notable Events in The Month of June

Every month of the year comes with various events and landmarks. The month of June holds various events for Nigeria and Nigerians in general and that is what we are going to be looking at in this article.

As the month of June begins, Nigerians are to look foward to these events which would take place later in the month. Although the events slated for the month of June are not as much as that of May, they are still something to be joyous and expectant about.

Below are the events and landmarks to be noted in the month of June:

1. June 12, 2020. Democracy Day (Public Holiday)

Democracy day is set aside to mark the day Nigerian Military handed over power to civilian government in 1999. Although the event used to be celebrated in the month of May, it has now been shifted to June 12.

2. June 20, 2020. June Solstice (Season)

This is will be the day that experiences longest daylight and shortest night in the whole of the year 2020.

3. June 21, 2020. Fathers' Day (Observance)

This is a day set aside to commemorate with all fathers in Nigeria. People mostly take note of mothers' day alone. Father's day is also a day to be noted and it is on Sunday, June 21 2020.

These are the three events that will occur in Nigeria in the month of June.

Which of them are you looking forward to?

Kindly state your opinion in the comment section.

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