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Mixed Reactions As Senator Dino Melaye Said This About COVID-19 Vaccines Brought Into Nigeria

As Nigerians rejoices for the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccines into the country on 2nd of march 2021 as this will help cub the spread of the deadly various and possible make our nation a various free place, there are still doubts from some people if covid-19 actually exists.

Since the advent of COVID-19, I noticed that one good thing it has taught people is to be hygienically alert compared to when there was nothing as COVID-19.

Nowadays, people are very conscious of everything they do once it pertains to health. People now know that they should cover their mouths while sneezing, don't eat with dirty hands, etc.

In as much as people are being COVID-19 compliance, yet there are still issues of the virus spreading hence the need for COVID-19 vaccines to stop the spread of the virus and the federal government has brought in COVID-19 vaccines into the country.

As people still doubt if the virus actually exists, Senator Dino Melaye took to one of his social media handle and made a comment that sparked reactions.

He said:

There where mixed reactions from people who supported him while some other persons countered what he said.

In my opinion, in as much as COVID-19 vaccines will not put food on our tables but one should ensure that you stay healthy by being COVID-19 compliance because without sound health, you may not even have the appetite to eat.

Remember that in all your life pursuit, health comes first because health is wealth.

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