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10 rules that North Korea citizens must follow.

North Korea is a country in East Asia, and it constitutes the northern part of the Korean peninsula, the Supreme leader is Kim Jong-un and the Premier is Kim Jae-ryong.

Supreme leader Kim Jong-un

North Korea is different from South Korea in so many aspects. South Korea is a very accepting country, and that is where most of the Korean drama series we all love so much are made.

Let's look at the weird rules in North Korea.

1. No internet access:

Citizens of North Korea do not have access to use the internet, it is only high profile officials that can enjoy this benefit. You can't access Wifi or the web.

2. It is illegal to wear jeans:

Wearing jeans which is also known as denim is illegal in North Korea.

3. You can get executed if you don't cry hard enough when the supreme leader dies.

4. If you commit a crime in North Korea, your generations can keep suffering punishments for it.

5. Apple products are not allowed in North Korea:

No apple products are allowed in North Korea, as there are restrictions on Modern technology products.

6. Sanitary pad and tampons are illegal:

In North Korea, you cannot use Pad like always, they use the old fashioned way.

7. Haircut:

There are certain haircuts that are allowed in the country. Look at the photo below.

These are the only haircuts allowed in the country.

8. Immigration is not allowed:

North Korean residents cannot even travel freely within North Korea, talk more of leaving the country. There is no freedom of movement. There is a ban on international travels.

9. There are only 4 official Television channels in North Korea.

10. Speaking bad of the country or the supreme leader can get you arrested and executed.

What do you think?

Sense or Nonsense?

Is there any rule here that makes sense?

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Bonus: North Korea government is so secretive that there are only about 165 movies ever produced in the country and most of them were foreign co-productions.

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