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Delicacy that Reveals Your True Identity

Every individual in planet Earth have a place of origin and specifically here in Nigeria there are some special delicacies/dishes that strongly reveal which part of the country one originates from or the ethnic group you belong to.

Yorubas are known for their ayoyo soup, amala, gwegiri e.t.c Hausas are known with miyan kukah, tuwon dawa, tuwon masara,miyan kubewa e.t.c while the Igbos are know with ofensala, abacha, ugba, ora soup e.t.c

Any person that is seen eating ugba is considered an igbo person or have a special relationship with igbos. Ugba is a special dish in igbo land and has great nutritional contents as well as cultural significance, ugba is mostly served as special occasions and to people of great caliber as a sign of acceptance, recognition and respect.

Ugba is made from oil bean seed but scientifically called ‘Pentaclethra Macrophylla Bentham’ and may not be found in any store outside Nigeria and is seen as a family business in many homes in the southern part of Nigeria, its preparation is in accordance with handed down tradition from the previous generation and serves as a cheap source of protein. Ugba is very popular among the igbos and nearby ethnic groups in southern Nigeria and ugba serves as delicacy and as a food agent and similarly plays an economic, social and cultural role among igbos in igbo land.

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