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Opinion: 4 Things President Buhari Should Do To Overcome Insecurity Issues In Nigeria.

Every Nation faces challenges. It is therefore not only the situation of our Nation alone on the issues of Insecurities. Since Nigeria Independence, Nigerians tends to have experienced series of Insecurities, terrorism, banditry, kidnapping and all other forms of Life threatening issues and criminalism.

It is obvious to all and sundry that the issue of insecurity in Nigeria is on the increase, which is calling for the right steps to tackle the issue of the insecurity. Before threading on the path of solutions, the various causes of all these criminal issues which needs to be checked into are as follows; Poverty, Corruption, Political instability, Unemployment, Tribalism, Religious crisis/clash, Porous border, Injustice, Improper Educational System and lots more.

In view of this, I have come up with 4 Suggested Solutions the president can use to To Fight Insecurity In Nigeria. They include the following:

1. POLITICAL STABILITY:- Before the Nation Nigeria can experience no fear of terrorism, kidnapping and all other forms of criminal acts, politics needs to sit up and set up its stability. Having a perfect System of government which is in the direction of true federalism and democracy, where the main body of government will only control Economy and security which will help to open more ways to strengthen the sense of security through technological means.

2. CREATE MORE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: Unemployment is one of the major problem that needs to be corrected and closed in the federation. 75% of Nigerians are jobless, of which most are Graduates who spent thousands and millions all in the name of educating oneself. But tragically, at the end of it all, they remain idle all days with nothing to show off, hence, they got themselves involved in several deadly criminal acts in the name of having something to do to stay out of idleness and Improper state of living adequately.

To solve the issue of unemployment, president Buhari should set up proper industrialization so as to employ people to work and live responsibly as state of good living. Diverse means of good life should be in place so as to avoid any means of time for plans in endangering the life of the masses.

3. BORDER REGULATIONS: The presidency should be ready to control border movement with the control both on land and air as acts of terrorism and robbery when done, those involved are always ready to flee away from the control. That's why, establishment of proper migration system of goods and services should be enforced as arms and ammunitions are always transported through the Porous borders. The movement of the neighbouring counties citizens should be properly controlled as they tends to cause issues of kidnapping and terrorism amongst people.

The World is developing very fast, as many counties have evolved in the aspect of technology. Nigeria needs to develop her technological features as a lot of security arms are tightened by technology. Proper monitoring of what is happening in the society needs to be covered by technology, which tends to help in setting emergency features for things in the aspect of security. To be able to develop and remain the Giant of Africa, Nigeria needs to set up her technology capacity.

4. Restructuring of the Educational System: The Educational system has gone wrong . The presidency needs to work toward the setting up of a curriculum for public enlightenment, school diversification on the various branch so as to help the students and general public in such a way that the issue of insecurity, kidnapping and robbery can be things of the past as people are dying everyday and people need to be exposed to the harms of insecurity, kidnapping and all other forms of criminal acts on the lives of the citizens.

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