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Opinion: Nigeria Government Should Formulate This Policy As Senator Weeps Over Insecurity (video)

Senator Smart Adeyemi

In a recent video shared on the internet, a Nigerian senator with the name Smart Adeyemi busted in tears as he talked about the spate of insecurity in Nigeria.

This is following the killings of some abducted university students in the country. Before the killings of the abducted students, several students, travelers, and including several monarchs are abducted, it was even a pathetic situation as a monarch of Ubulu-Ukwu in Delta State died at the hand of his captors.

The situation on the ground now is that no one is safe in the country.

As kidnappers are doing theirs, the terrorists, the bandits, ritualists, and herdsmen attacks are everywhere in the country. Currently, the Eastern state of Nigeria, Imo state, is under threats of some unknown gunmen.

Just last week, the gunmen were bold enough to attack the abode of the state governor killings some of his security personnel who tried to repel them.

In Osun, some kidnappers abducted some travelers, and there is a sudden attack on students in Anambra; another Eastern part of Nigeria.

All this is happening because the miscreants are no longer afraid of the law of Nigeria.

Why they are not afraid is that the main law of capital punishment has been waved in Nigeria.

During the period that many criminals who were guilty of murder and armed robbery were killed openly, there are limited crimes in the country, but now people no longer fear the Nigerian law, they now commit a crime at their peril because they believed they can only be penalized and return into the society.

In some countries, whoever kills will be killed, especially in some Arabs countries where the reward for raping is a death sentence, such countries have limited crimes of rape and kidnapping.

The solution to all the menaces is for Nigeria to return to the law of capital punishment, I believe if two or three people are used as a scapegoat, Nigeria will be free of crimes.

Watch video here

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