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Please, you need to stop picking unknown calls, see what might happen.

Over the years up til this point, the issue of ritual killings have been on the increase.

Although ritual crimes cut across almost all regions in the country, they are more common in western and eastern states of Nigeria.

In every week/month there are reports of one ritual killing or the other. Some innocent citizens are killed for nothing all in the name of quick money, comparing human life with money. Over the years, the have be several report of ritualists killing innocent citizens but the issue is still on as government alone can't control them. It has been known that, they usually adopt different method to achieve their evil aim, because of this, the have be constant changing of method on how to strike individuals everyday by day which we need to be careful. This article talks about the picking of unknown calls as, that one is another method adopt by ritualists to achieve their evil desires.

Back then,It is not bad to pick an unknown call, but nowadays it is bad, because the world is growing out of hand, due to the greed and unsatisfying desire of human being. If you have be picking an unknown calls, From now on, you should stop picking every unknown contact that called you. Ritualists are looking for your blood everywhere. They usually used calls to trick human blood, They will Intensionally be trying numbers in their phones both the ones they knew and the one they do not and when they finally get one they take their time to make sure they are not missing any process. Most times when you picked, they might said it a mistakes mean while, they will be trying to extend the conversation, in this case, they are trying get your attention to them. 

please, at this point you just have to be very careful, some of them might have be given the phone number the used from their so called Master, which at times they are given instructions. The instructions may required that at so so minutes the call have to last, and when the time given to them expired and you are still on phone call with them the reverse will be the case for you, you may start misbehaving meanwhile, they will be happy in wherever they are, and you are gone to the journey of no returned. We should try to protect ourselves first. God will only help you if you helped yourself. 

We need to try as much as possible to be at alert at any time because the enemies are moving about trying to find who to destroy.

Don't forget to share to friends and families to save lives.

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