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See The Deadliest Journey You Shouldn't Embark On As A Desperate Immigrant

This article aims to increase public awareness, in particular among younger people, of the risks involved in the illegal immigration over the Mediterranean Sea to Europe.

The Sahara barren region and the Mediterranean Sea are the important roads to cross just to get to Europe illegally.

Almost each part of a migrant's illegal trip through the Mediterranean Sea from West Africa to Europe is packed with danger. For several factors, people are pushed from their homes due to hardship and property, but all of them show a common aim, which is a secure and dignified future. Migrants have to pass through many countries along the way to their destination in Europe and face several difficulties.

For many migrants making an attempt to enter Libya to pass the Mediterranean Sea to Italy and Europe, Agadez, a region in Niger recognised as the legendary gateway to the Sahara Desert, has come to be a transit town.

In Libya where there is no government presence, the situation is chaotic. Migrants who are unfortunate to encounter some rogue militias or Bandits are forced into sex slavery for the females and the males are kidnapped for Ransom.

But the few who managed escape are faced with the dangerous travel across the sea of the Mediterranean ( Libya to Europe).

In Libya, getting on a boat is difficult (with the bad conditions of the boats and the heavy turbulence of the sea) this waters are still guarded and migrants are technically detained when caught. With the assist of the European Union.

A growing number of Libyan coastguards have been ordered to end the smuggling of ships, and migrants who will have to return to Libya while they are at sea. Smugglers additionally lie about the duration of the ride and do not tell migrants that the vessels are overcrowded, unsuitable for lengthy sea trips, and are at chance of sinking.

Over 16,850 migrants, many of whom have been Nigerians since 2014, have lost their lives while crossing the Mediterranean. There is nevertheless little hope of success for refugees who have succeeded in crossing the Mediterranean Sea and coming into Italy and others who desire to continue their trip to Europe.

For illegal migrants who have succeeded in crossing the Mediterranean Sea, entering Europe may be dangerous as well, as there are very tight European borders. There is a higher chance of being detained at every border and sent back to Nigeria. Thousands of Nigerians are arrested and deported back to Nigeria while they are in Europe due to the fact they have no legal documents to be there.

This journey does not look interesting in any way as you will be faced with so many challenges just to be a 3rd class resident in someone's country.

Things like this should be discouraged among our youths, because you can be in Nigeria and still be successful.

Kindly share this article to educate more people on the dangers of crossing the the Mediterranean Sea and the inhumane experience in Libya.

Content created and supplied by: Dinzelflash (via Opera News )

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