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When you Finally Saw Water To Drink after Licking Yoruba Stew - View Hilarious Pictures for Today.

I have an Exceptional Message for you down.

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Not Just to Laugh and go, let me pass an exceptional Message to you guys

There was a day, earlier in our first semester that I arrived so late to the class. I added 18 minutes from the normal time and I was uncertain if the teacher would allow me to enter. Fortunately for me, the teacher was also late. He arrived 2 minutes later than I did.

After he apologised for arriving late, he notified us that the class would be very busy for he wants to finish the first unit of the course outline - a resolution we all accepted due to the scope of the course.

As he started reading out the dictation louder, he noticed one of us was very silent and he wasn't writing down the note. He asked him why wasn't he taking down the note, and he directly said to him that " Sir, I'm depressed".

All the students of finance can agree that the teacher who was teaching the course on that day is the most no-nonsense in the whole department. But to our surprise, he walked all the way to the guy's seat, touches his hands and asked "What's happening my friend?". And the grown man started looking like he was going to cry.

Despite that we were in a hurry to get things done, the teacher asked that we should excuse him and his "depressed-student" for that day. He gave up all his time to listen and offer counsel to that guy. And the following week, he explained that from what he understood, in his condition, the guy was just few frustrations away from commiting suicide. And that could've come from (1) Him asking the guy to stand up (2) Us laughing at him (3) Him sending him away from his class Etc.

I never thought I was hurting my soul faking a hard guy untill that day. Since then, I always open up when I started feeling disturbed. And engaging people, my younger one mostly, to discuss their frustrations. Thanks to Mal. Ali Abdulkarim and his understanding of life.

And I always knew that depression is terrible, but does it have the potential of making a man so mentally fragile like that? that's something I never have imagined before.

MA Iliasu

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