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FIFA World Cup

Photos of Buhari, Joe Biden, Obama, Putin, Queen Elizabeth and other presidents watching football

Imagine the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth watching football, it sends a very huge message and motivation to footballers. It means that football deserves attention no matter how powerful and busy the ruler can be.

The Queen isn't the only person who has been seen watching football, Muhammadu Buhari, Joe Biden, Mandela, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Prince of Saudi Arabia, Goodluck Jonathan, Merkel, Cameron, Kolinder, Emmanuel Macron, Jair Bolsonaro, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo and Madela have also been seen watching football.

There are sometimes when these presidents go all out to the pitch to watch and support the footballers but other times, because of being busy, they sit at home and watch from there.

Goodluck Jonathan was said to talk to the Super Eagles via Skype at a time and that would have been a booster for the team and a message that he cares about them especially with the fact that he is watching them play. His support and motivation was crucial to the team winning the AFCON.

The world cup is watched by over a billion people and this is simply because it is a tournament that connects the world. It is a game of football played by footballers of different continents and many people get involved, that is how powerful football can be.

Nobody was born a politician and while growing up, many of these people watched, played and loved football, becoming a politician may not take that love away.

Many presidents and world leaders support their country's football teams, these are only a few.

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