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Blocking Ex-NDDC Managing Director from leaving home by Security Operatives is pure Madness.

Security Operatives Block Ex-NDDC MD from leaving home in River State is pure madness. So she won’t reveal even more. So akpabio is ready to squeeze the woman’s throat by all means possible.

So what are they hiding? Afraid the woman will spill some more ugly beans?

Malami is still chilling on his exalted seat while detaining and questioning his rival gang leader for corruption and insubordination.

Probably it was Akpabio that ordered his accuser to be barricaded indoors because you don't lay a finger of blame on the gods.

And of course President Buhari is shocked and he's responding well to treatment for endless shocks. 

So he wouldn't know who sent the security men?

A country where saying the truth is a sin. a country where you say the truth and get suspended.

A country where security operatives are used to oppress and persecute it's citizens for this one thing "Saying The Truth".

Wwhy is that each time you say the truth, and expose the evil happening in the government, they will come after you, instead of going after the culprit, and do their investigation. Is this how to fight corruption? Which way Nigeria?

Maybe the presidency is doing what they know how to do best, she would say more and a lot would be exposed when she gets to Abuja .

The president should suspend Akpabio pending the outcome of the matter, the president shouldn't be seen as habouring a corrupt individual in his cabinet

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