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The Role Of Progressive Youth In The Rebuilding Of A New Nigeria - By Jeffrey Kuraun

Dr.Jeffrey Kuraun

It is indeed a great honor for me to be a part of an auspicious occasion like this and saddled with the highly esteemed task of being one of your guest speakers.

 I am equally glad that you have given me a free hand to choose my topic and generally navigate through my thoughts as I deem fit.

  Being a guest speaker on an occasion like this and amid progressive-minded individuals is an opportunity for me to clearly define the scope of my participation and commitment to national issues from a progressive perspective.

  And whatever I say here today would be supporting and highlighting your sterling contributions to the rebuilding of a new Nigeria, which is the core of my message to you all today.

  We are living at a time in Nigeria where you either identify yourself as a progressive or a member of one of the several other groups singing discordant tunes laced with rancor and bile and blaming one man ( Buhari) for the many ills of this nation, caused by others in the previous dispensations. And by progressive, I mean someone committed to the idea of a united, prosperous nation, devoid of unnecessary bickering and immune against the vitriolic attacks, angst, and other various dysfunctional activities aimed at reducing Nigeria into a disunited, inglorious, strife-riddled country, fuelled by crass and selfish expectations.

 A nation that does not have people that are ready to sacrifice as you and I are doing today, to uphold her integrity, is doomed already. It is not out of place to see that the majority of the people involved here are youths whose activities today can readily determine what happens to our dear country in the future. If Nigeria will survive tomorrow it would be by the will of God and the willingness of the youth to rally round and fill in the missing links where the need is and at the same time ensuring that the bridge is big and strong enough to accommodate the passage of others on the journey to national unity and stability.

  I am in other words introducing a dimension to your activities here, which is the wooing of other youths in other parties to the National Progressive Hub, for the superior and singular purpose of saving a country and ensuring her survival.

  The inclusion of youth in decision-making is sacrosanct. There can be no meaningful development without the active participation of youth. The power of youth is the commonwealth of any nation, and that is why in the western world, there is a realization of this fact, and the involvement of youth even at the highest level of governance has not been without success.

 Can we say that about the Nigerian youth? Can we replicate the same here? The nature and process of getting involved in governance in Nigeria are characterized by very thorny processes that require the flaunting and abuse of funds to thwart and twist the intentions of the electorates. “Money politics” has discouraged the youth’s involvement in politics and governance, and the prevailing and pervading poverty in the polity provides the fuel for this dysfunctional approach, which is contrary to the rules of engagement in genuine democratic processes. This is a major obstacle to youth participation in governance and it has deeply affected the morale of the many when it matters most.

  If the APC youth happened to be the people spearheading this great reorientation of wooing the youth in other parties to the National Progressive Hub, it is not a fluke and goes to suggest that our party is indeed progressively and patriotically inclined.

  As you reach out to them, you would have succeeded in activating the 'hub" in your name. Yes, the youth of this nation should see it as the place to be to contribute meaningfully to the progress of our dear nation.

  I also want to believe that you are gender-sensitive and would not leave the female folks behind. The youths among them should also be encouraged to be visibly involved in mobilizing for national unity and progress.

  Even though you are very visible in the social media and fully represented in the 36 states of the federation, I will encourage us to also think about how your presence in these states can create a synergy where the National Progressive Hub can strengthen the local party structures on the ground in all the states.

  This is an aspect that would go a long way to redefine the efficacy of party structures and the role of organizations like yours in the country now and shortly. Put succinctly, you are introducing an innovation that can change the shape of politics in Nigeria.

 You can equally deepen your participation by training others in your midst to understand the modus operandi of the regulators of national, state, and local government elections, and how to decode irregular activities and nip them in the bud.

  Ladies and gentlemen, there is a lot to be done and I sincerely believe that with your zeal so far, it will not be difficult to create new frontiers and man them successfully for the love of the country.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to share my thoughts with you.

 Jeffrey Kuraun is a Governorship Aspirant under the Apc in Benue State, God bless Nigeria.

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