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Southern Kaduna: "It's Time to Diversify By Identifying With the APC"


[Dear Southern Kaduna fellows] I've seen thick and thin sides of politics. I've experienced its winters and summers. I've climbed up its high mountains and tumbled down its vallies. Thus, without sounding immodest, I'm a semi veteran that can counsel folks.

My stake on ongoing APC membership re-validation exercise is simple: I support and encourage our people to register because there is giant gain in doing so.

Monopolisation of our political space, electoral behaviour and ideological perceptions by a single party is inflicting irreparable damages on us. It's time to diversify via belonging to the ruling APC.

If you take steps to register, the temptation of distraction and blackmail by footsoldiers and kingpins of opposition party in our zone will be high. Kindly ignore their absurdities, driest comedy, hallucinations, pontificatism and puritanicalities. They are their weapons of suppression of spirit of courage, political realism, and wisdom.

By the way, Anatole France said: "We have never heard the devil's side of the story, God wrote all the book". After hearing from "the political the devil" you may discover that; he is not as black or corrosive as painted.

John Danfulani(DeeCattleBoy)

Kaduna, Nigeria

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